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June 28, 2014


Hello guys, I want to share something..
I know my daddy's birthday is too far from now (his Oct 10th), but tonight my blog's inspiration came from my dad..
Think that since I was a kid and we had a lot of "arguing time" and I have said that I really hate my dad, but actually from deepest of my heart I will say that I love him so much, no matter what he did..
I know he is stubborn, emotional, sometimes do violence, talkative every minute, but no one can replace him in my life..
All the bad things that I have mention above is just his past.. Now, he already change :) *Although he's still talkative and stubborn :3 LOL

Actually, I don't want to talking about the bad things, I want to share my sweetest memories with my dad. Just now, I was wrote a letter and I will put it in here (this all my opinion, my feelings and my emotion about him) :
"We fight, we argue almost everyday..
Sometimes I hate you,
but I know it is not trully came from my heart.
No one do like yours,
picked me up since I was in kindergarten (dulu sempet bela-belain naik becak buat jemput gue :'))
took me for a walk in the afternoon when I was a kid,
buy me some pets, because both of us really love animals (sampe dulu bokap bela-belain nolongin cicak yang kena lem tikus :'))
teach me how to be brave,
keep angry to me when I fight with my siblings or my friends because you know that I was the strongest one,
jealous when I hangout with other boys that you don't know,
when I try to backstreet from you and mom, you still know that and your eyes looks like 'everywhere' *lol
give me advise about life and love, because you really want the best for me,
No other guys will do that exactly as you had done for me..
Worry about me when I come late to home and keep waiting in living room.
Sometimes when I told you a lie, you just keep quite and you are not angry..
and I know that you already know :)
You treat other children who is not your trully kid very well, but I know your love for you kid and your little family is the biggest, the deepest and unreplaceable..
There is no one can replace you..
You are my hero, my guide, my eagle eye, my man.....
Yes, I should proudly call you MY DAD and hope someday my man will do the best as you do to our family :) "

That's all my letter for my dad, I know he will not see this (because he never using internet) *lol* but someday I will told him :)
We are born by our parents, no matter what they do, just thanks to them.. Although we have spend our bad times with them, keep trust that there is a little happiness in a sadness, there's love in hate, light in darkness, and there's medicine for all pains. JUST BELIEVE AND NEVER BE PESIMIST, CHEER UP! :)

Thankyou for visit and read my blog post today, have a great day people! LOVE YA!

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