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June 01, 2014


Hello there! It has been few months I haven't post anything, because of too many university's assignments *lol
So, yesterday, I just opened my twitter and one of my friend ask me to do a challenge called Liebster Award. I do not know much about that, but let us take some fun from it :)
Let's start, oh yeah by the way I want to say thanks to my friend Mila, who give me the challenge..

First, here's the rules :
  1. Post the award's logo.
  2. Say thanks to the person who tell you about the award and linked to hers/him.
  3. Share 11 things about yourself.
  4. Answer 11 questions that gave to you.
  5. Choose 11 bloggers and give 11 questions to them.

1. Love art so much, that's why I do photograph, drawing, make phoerty, and listening to music.
2. I enjoy K-POP too especially BIGBANG and TEENTOP.
3. Dream to go to UK, South Korea and Switzerland.
4. Have a lot of plushies.
5. Kinda love some weird and funny things.
6. I'm a 4D person (extremely high and random imagination) *lol*
7. I'm a loyal and a royal at the same time.
8. God and my family become my priorities.
9. I really love animals (except insects) and have a dream to make an animal shelter someday or become an activist on WWF.
10. I'm a multitasking person and visioner.
11. Cheerful and love to make somebody happy.

1. Kenapa suka nulis? (Why do you love writing?)
     *Because when you put something in words and write it, it can be remembered all the time and that's the best way to share your feelings or emotions (in my opinion) than you just speak it up and you will forget it for the next hours.

2. Apa saja yang bisa bikin ide kamu muncul dan langsung ngeposting di blog? (What makes you have an idea to writting on blog?)
     *Just when my mood comes and the condition supported or if I get something awesome to post soonly.

3. Apa yang ingin kamu lakukan ketika 5tahun kedepan? (What do you want to do for the next 5 years?)
     *For the next 5 years I want to bring my mom to go abroad and marry with someone *lol

4. Apa hal yang kamu ingin-inginkan selama ini tapi belum terwujud? (What is the things that you want but have not been realized?)
    *Go to the countries that I had mentioned before and my true love.
5. Cara kamu bahagiain orang tua kaya gimana? (How do you make your parents happy?)
     *My parents said that's easy to make them happy, just be a nicest daughter. Do what they told, listen all their advices and never be stubborn! But sometimes I do not do that (really sorry to them). :'')

6. Apa hal yang kamu lakuin ketika down/patah semangat? (The things that you do when you feeling down?)
     *The things that I do when I'm feeling down are :
       1. Pray.
       2. Sleep.
       3. Sharing with someone.
       4. And eat to boost my mood.

7. Sudah nentuin cita-cita? Kalo iya, apa? Alesannya juga yaa (Have you decide your aim/goal? If done, what's it? Give your reason!)
    *I have, but sometimes can change.. But now, I have some aim.......
      1. In fact, I should finish my college with cumlaude *some of ways to make your parents proud.
      2. Make animal's shelter *because I love animal esp dogs and endangered animals).
      3. Work in big companies *Have some reason of it, but I think twice to share it, hehe..

8. Apa hal yang kamu benci dari diri kamu? (The things that you hate about yourself)
     *Now, I prefer not to hate myself because as you know that God creates you with plus and mines in yours then you should accept who you are. That is not hypocrites, just be thankful for what you had.

9. Siapa orang yang kamu idolakan banget? (Who's your idol?)
     *Some people who lived for humanity and intregrity and people who had lots of obstacles in their life but can survive on it.

10. Kalau kamu disuruh milih, mending hidup tanpa laptop/hp? Alesannya juga yaa :D (If you can choose, better live without PC or mobilephone? Give your reason too)
       *It's ok to live without both of them. I can't stand if I live without breathing and money, hehehe..

11. Sama kaya pertanyaan mba Dhira, kalo aku (Mila) dan kamu menang tiket jalan-jalan berdua. Kamu mau ngajak kemana? Dan alesannya juga jangan lupa hehe (If Mila and you (I) win two tickets to go, where will you ask her to go?)
       *I will ask her to go to South Korea, that's what we want *lol

Here's the 11 another bloggers that I choosed :

1. What's you passion?
2. How to get out from your down moment?
3. Who's your role model? The reason you choose him/her?
4. Describe yourself in 3 words!
5. Things you do during your freetime?
6. What's your favourite songs?
7. What's your big goal?
8. What's things that annoyed you?
9. How do you rate this 3 things (LOVE, CARRIER, SOCIETY) and give the reason from the ratings.
10. Do you like watching Youtube? If you do, mention 3 of your favourite Youtubers.
11. Mention some people that you will not forget in your life!

That's all from me..
Thanks for reading :)
God bless <3

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