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September 11, 2015


Holla, long time no see right? :D

It's about 3 or 4 months I haven't update any post yet, because of I have to focus on my university last semester's project and test and also I'm going for a holiday trip with my family and some friends.
So, during this week, I will give you guys an update from my trip. There's a lot of great views that I captured and I also got new partner now for my trip (this is the best gift everrr from my mom! *lol) but I also use my money too to pay the half :')

Here we go! Let's check out! :)

When we're waiting in Airport.

First time when we just arrived in Bangka, we went to Pasir Padi Beach in Pangkal Pinang, then continued our trip to Bangka Botanical.

When we were at Bangka Botanical, I found some place just similar with South Korea *lol. Have you guys ever watch Korean drama? If you've, you guys can compare it with some of my photo :)

Next was.....
I don't know how to called it in Indonesian languange or in English, but Bangka's people called it Phak Kak Liang (Phak = White; Kak = Stone/Chalk; Liang =Slope) --> You guys can compare it by yourself :D This place was build hundred years ago but still beautiful and sturdy.

Ignore ma face :') The view was great enough!

Next was...
Batu Dinding (Wall of Stone) It's called like that because there's a lot of huge stones everywhere (along the way of that place) and it similar with walls..

Batu Dinding contains of highland and beach, so it combine two different place at the same location.

Okay! There's the half part of my trip to Bangka.. Let us continue it tomorrow *make you guys curious first :3 I have some adding photos for you guys, hope you like it *I got it when I was visit my uncle house :)

Love Birds <3

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