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August 04, 2014


Hello there.. I'm back! Want to share something interesting :3

Nowadays many people get busy with their own bussiness and does not have spare time to do some relaxing activities, like going to spa, watching on cinema or shopping. Anyone who loves shopping here? So do I *lol
We can't deny that everyone loves shopping, especially girls and women.. We have a lot of stuffs and outfits in our wardrobe but we never feel that's enough for us! *lol

BUT........ How can we go for shopping when we have a lot of things to do? That's why nowadays everyone has another alternative, it's called 'online shopping'. Online shopping help you to shop everything you need without make you to go far away to the place where sell something that you need. You also don't need to waste your time and money too!

I feel some benefits by shopping on online shop/store, such as I can find the unique stuff with reasonable price and good quality which I couldn't found in any real stores that I go. Also, I can compare the stuff price's before I want to buy it *to see that the stuff worth to spend or  not* :p

Many kinds of online shops in our country and one of them always makes me interest to check it everyday. It's named ZALORA. I know this online store is famous too and have many branches in some country, such as in Indonesia. Then, I want to share some unique things that I found while I was going to search a new stuff to bought. When I was opened the accessories side, I felt interesting with all the ring's collection, you guys also can check it by open this link >> CLICK HERE :3
Maybe, I will but some of their collections and post it soon! *lol

Ok, hope that's all can help you guys a little for reference to buy some cute or unique accessories especially for girls or women who love rings and some people who want to give a special present to their love one :)
Have a great Monday people! LOVE YA! <3

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