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June 20, 2019


Hello people! Back with me again :D
so, have you guys read the part before? Let's continue the next part or it can be the last part of my trip in Bangka :)

I already skip long time to post this, so sorry for superrr late post. Let's continue to 2nd part...

Next place, goes to . . . . . . . . . . .

Goa Maria Pelindung Segala Bangsa (Belinyu, Bangka)
This is the most well known place for christians to visit at Bangka. Many christians at Bangka used to pray in here. So sad at that time, I couldn't do the cross road (jalan salib) because we don't have much time. Here's our sneakpeak...

Then.. after going from Goa Maria, we went to Golden Rat Beach (Pantai Tikus Emas), Sungai Liat. It was so hot but the view paid them all. My mom said some people start fishing from this beach. Because we went here on holiday, the beach was so quite.

After walked around on the Golden Rat beach, next we went to another beach (yeah, so many beach in here. If you are a 'beach person', I really recommend Bangka or Belitung as your next holiday destination!) This photos below is Batu Dinding Beach. Why it called Batu Dinding? Because as you can see there's so many big stones stand around there, especially there's two big stones inf front of the way before you entere the beach. They said that was a big gate of the stone.

I think the stone gate is 20 meters high.

Then we cross the island to Putri Island, this beach is the 2nd clean beach at Bangka. I couldn't take much photos because my camera battery is low :(

Then I also found cute creature . . . I name it princess because of its pretty 'little house'...

But sadly I couldn't bring it home, so I decided to let it go at nearest beach..

But, I kinda regret to let it go here. As we see the beach was to crowded and little bit dirt (coz the beach is near some cottage and hotels. I wish I could let it go at the nicest beach. Wish it live happily and long life. Bye 'Princess' :')

Oh ya! Little bit informations that I think can be useful for you guys:

  • Ticket Price (PP): Rp 600.000,- until Rp 800.000,- (42- 57 USD in normal price depends on the airlines)
  • Recommended food: Sau Cu Nyuk (Roasted Pork | Rp 350.000,- until Rp 450.000,-/kilograms), Seafood (Rp 40.000,- until Rp 150.000,- (3- 10 USD), Bakmie (non halal-using pork noodle), Cu Fung Moi (Pig's blood porridge, but you have choice not to use it, just the pork), Tofu Kok (mix fish ball, tofu, fish cake and many more with fish/chicken broth), Song sui (contents of pork and some inner part of pig), Tofu fa (beancurd), Durian (if the season comes).
  • Hotels and Transportation: 
    • You can book hotel near Pangkal Pinang (the capital city) or near some cottage near the beach which cost Rp 400.000,- until Rp 2.500.000,-/ night (28,5- 178 USD/ night) or if you want saving little bit, just bring your friends who live in Bangka, hehe..
    • Rent a car Rp 350.000,- until Rp 600.000,-/day (25- 43 USD/day) with or without a driver *sometimes you need to put an extra charge if you want to use driver*

Okay, that's all my holitrip at Bangka Island, please wait for my next trip story! Thank you for reading this. Hope it can be useful, or if you have any questions about place in Bangka, you can ask me anytime :)

June 05, 2017


. . . . .

Pagi ini mataku kembali dibukakan.
Bukan mata yang secara harafiah, melainkan mata hatiku.
Mata hati yang sudah lama tertutup, yang haus akan wawasan, yang ingin mengekplorasi dunia.
Bukan dunia yang tepat di depan mataku, melainkan dunia yang tersembunyi, yang luput dari pandanganku sehari-hari. Yang bersembunyi dalam gemerlapnya ibukota, terselip dibalik tinggi dan mewahnya gedung-gedung kota metropolitan.

Kali ini pandanganku terhenti di antara deretan bangunan-bangunan kumuh di suatu tempat yang mungkin jarang terjamah, bahkan luput dari mereka yang menghabiskan kegiatannya hanya di dalam gedung-gedung mewah bertingkat itu.
Tak ada yang dapat kukatakan menarik di disana. Hanya deretan gubuk, bahkan tak dapat kusebut gubuk.
Pernahkah kau makan di sebuah warung tenda di pinggir jalan? Seperti itulah tempat yang mereka sebut sebagai istana bagi mereka. Tempat untuk beristirahat dan berteduh.
Tak ada pintu atau jendela disana, semua terlihat sama, hanya tertutup karung-karung bekas.
Pandangan ini sekali lagi membuatku terenyuh. Melihat mereka beristirahat tanpa beban, bahkan beberapa diantaranya terlihat nyaman tidur dengan hewan-hewan liar di sana. Terlihat ada pula yang memeluk sebuah boneka besar yang mungkin sebelumnya bukanlah miliknya, tapi ia nyaman di sana.

Beberapa di antaranya asik bercengkrama, tak tahu apa yang mereka bahas, tapi kulihat adanya keakraban disana, ketulusan, kekeluargaan. Tak seperti yang kulihat di dalam gedung-gedung bertingkat. Suasana ini lah yang dirindukan.
Seakan begitu menikmati pemandangan yang kuanggap luar biasa ini, bahkan tak sempat aku abadikan momen2 itu. Bukan, bukan diabadikan untuk dicemooh, melainkan sebagai bentuk pembelajaran bahwa masih ada kehidupan lain di luar sana, kehidupan yang damai, yang mungkin menyayat hati orang2 yang tak biasa melihatnya, tapi membuat kita belajar.

Belajar mensyukuri hidup yang Tuhan berikan, belajar menghargai apa yang kita miliki, belajar untuk tidak mudah menyia-nyiakan sesuatu.

Mungkin banyak di antara kita yang terkadang belum menerima kondisi kita saat ini, ingin rasanya berandai2. Jika keluargaku bukan mereka, jika saja dari awal aku tidak perlu mengenalnya, atau seandainya aku bisa memiliki ini itu dan masih banyak lagi. Tapi semua itu tidak bisa kita tukar dan minta semaunya, karena semua adalah pemberianNya.
Bukan suatu kebetulan Tuhan menempatkan kita di suatu kondisi, bukan sebuah kebetulan juga Tuhan menghadirkan setiap orang dalam hidup kita.
Ia mau kita belajar, belajar menerima, memahami, dan yang terpenting adalah bersyukur tapi tidak berpuas diri. Dengan bersyukur kita dapat lebih rendah hati dan terbuka menerima keadaan, sedangkan berpuas diri akan mendatangkan kesombongan.

Sudahkah kita bersyukur hari ini?

*Ini lah alasan mengapa tadi pagi saya mengupdate postingan di Insta story saya dan mengucapkan terima kasih kepada salah satu driver ojek online.
Jika saja saya tidak memutuskan untuk berangkat lebih awal tadi pagi, jika saja jalanan tidak  pada merayap dan jika saja motor si bapak tidak mogok, mungkin saya tidak akan mendapatkan pengalaman baru hari ini. Semua sudah ada dalam rencanaNya.

NB: Translate soon in English...

September 11, 2015


Holla, long time no see right? :D

It's about 3 or 4 months I haven't update any post yet, because of I have to focus on my university last semester's project and test and also I'm going for a holiday trip with my family and some friends.
So, during this week, I will give you guys an update from my trip. There's a lot of great views that I captured and I also got new partner now for my trip (this is the best gift everrr from my mom! *lol) but I also use my money too to pay the half :')

Here we go! Let's check out! :)

When we're waiting in Airport.

First time when we just arrived in Bangka, we went to Pasir Padi Beach in Pangkal Pinang, then continued our trip to Bangka Botanical.

When we were at Bangka Botanical, I found some place just similar with South Korea *lol. Have you guys ever watch Korean drama? If you've, you guys can compare it with some of my photo :)

Next was.....
I don't know how to called it in Indonesian languange or in English, but Bangka's people called it Phak Kak Liang (Phak = White; Kak = Stone/Chalk; Liang =Slope) --> You guys can compare it by yourself :D This place was build hundred years ago but still beautiful and sturdy.

Ignore ma face :') The view was great enough!

Next was...
Batu Dinding (Wall of Stone) It's called like that because there's a lot of huge stones everywhere (along the way of that place) and it similar with walls..

Batu Dinding contains of highland and beach, so it combine two different place at the same location.

Okay! There's the half part of my trip to Bangka.. Let us continue it tomorrow *make you guys curious first :3 I have some adding photos for you guys, hope you like it *I got it when I was visit my uncle house :)

Love Birds <3

Continue to the next post...
Thank you for visit :)

August 04, 2014


Hello there.. I'm back! Want to share something interesting :3

Nowadays many people get busy with their own bussiness and does not have spare time to do some relaxing activities, like going to spa, watching on cinema or shopping. Anyone who loves shopping here? So do I *lol
We can't deny that everyone loves shopping, especially girls and women.. We have a lot of stuffs and outfits in our wardrobe but we never feel that's enough for us! *lol

BUT........ How can we go for shopping when we have a lot of things to do? That's why nowadays everyone has another alternative, it's called 'online shopping'. Online shopping help you to shop everything you need without make you to go far away to the place where sell something that you need. You also don't need to waste your time and money too!

I feel some benefits by shopping on online shop/store, such as I can find the unique stuff with reasonable price and good quality which I couldn't found in any real stores that I go. Also, I can compare the stuff price's before I want to buy it *to see that the stuff worth to spend or  not* :p

Many kinds of online shops in our country and one of them always makes me interest to check it everyday. It's named ZALORA. I know this online store is famous too and have many branches in some country, such as in Indonesia. Then, I want to share some unique things that I found while I was going to search a new stuff to bought. When I was opened the accessories side, I felt interesting with all the ring's collection, you guys also can check it by open this link >> CLICK HERE :3
Maybe, I will but some of their collections and post it soon! *lol

Ok, hope that's all can help you guys a little for reference to buy some cute or unique accessories especially for girls or women who love rings and some people who want to give a special present to their love one :)
Have a great Monday people! LOVE YA! <3

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August 03, 2014


"Everyone will have similar stories in her/his life but will never same exactly as the others, because every stories has the unique things in it which make it different.."-Lisa Stefanny

When I was in high school I had one friend that made my life become more meaningful. 
We almost knew about 3-4months but our friendship feels like 5 years *lol
When I was with him, I never think about pain, love or anything which would make me down.
He always there to support me and listen to all my stories..
Actually, he is not the same year as mine, but he's 4 years older than me. Let's put his nickname, he's N.

The first time when we knew each other is when I had a crush and a step brother who's the same class with N. Our first conversation is about my crush and my step brother. When I tell him a story about them, he's so exciting to hear and sometimes he gave me some advice when I asked him.
Well.. some people missunderstood our friendship and thought that we were in a relationship, but actually we didn't. *Sometimes mostly people will think that when 2 person (boy and girl) have a close-relationship, they will said that they're dating* LOL

The unforgetable things that happen in our friendship is we have something that can remember us for each other *everyone has it on their friendship, hehe*
He's birthday is more earlier than mine, so I decided to give him something unique and different, the thing that can be bought buy money but precious. Because at that time I'm a type of person who think that friendship is everything, more important than a dating. (If now, it's different after many things that happen during my life time *lol)
So, I gave him my painting with the quote inside.. In fact, I made the painting about year ago, but N deserve it because he's my trully friend that I ever had at that time :) He gave me a t-shirt on my birthday.. Everyone has it but it's so meaningful to me *when I actually didn't wish that I got something from him, but that was surprise!*

The saddest part is before his graduate from High School he left all his friends including me, without anyone noticed. His little brother still studying there about 3 or 6 months after his left. But never told where his brother was going.. Honestly, miss him so badly :( Until now, I never know where he is.. Hope he read this post. *Yeah, I'm getting speechless now..
Although I have one new bestfriend there, but it never be the same story as we make at that time.. At least, please appear in front of me and tell where do you go for all this time and the reasons that you left without tell anybody else *or only me who never know it? :/ (Become more serious now *gettin' melancolic #LOL)
Phew... Then, that's my story for today..

Thanks to all visitors who read my blogpost today, have a great weekend! 
LOVE YA!! <3

Anyone who wants to share your story can send me your email to :

June 18, 2014


Why I love my childhood?

1. You'll be love
No one will ignore you, everyone will love your cuteness.. *you can see my little picture #lol

Basically, every baby or little kid is pretty cute :3 I remember when everyone say that I'm cute and they want to hug me, but at that time I was just too mothercomplex (too loving my mother too much)
But now, you can see.. ppl will think twice to be friend with you *ppl nowadays are too pilih2 (selective) -..-

2. No need responsibility
When you just a little kid, no one will put some big deal with you because they were know that you would not able to do that alone. You don't need to work hard. You just a kid, just need to play, eat, do shower and sleep. :P

3. You'll be served like a little princess
Everything I need, my parents will give it. They will play with me, take care of me, tell a story or sing a song when I'm going to sleep..
But, when you grow up? Just serve by yourself please! *lol

4. No need to feel broken heart because of a guy
A little kid just play with everyone without think who they are. Play with some fun and freedom. All they think just "I like to play with him because he's fun and we can play many things!" I hug him and he hugs me without thinking that's all love and your parents just think that's cuteness overload! Lol *imagine when you do that when you grow up and see what your parents will do*

5. No more stressing deadline or homework
When I was in kindergarten, I loved to do my homework because all I did just to wrote abc...till z, 123 till 9  and drawing some random views and people like this..
You can compare with your college/university or your adult life now.. More homeworks, more deadline, especially when the date is nearly with your final exam *this fact that happens on my university*

You can see the different how difficult your teenage and adult life now and you going  to miss your childhood (sometimes) *lol

That's all my random post for today, thankyou for reading, LOVE YA! <3

January 02, 2014


Firstly I wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, guys! <3
Say hello to 2014, let's start out new page and wish this year we can do more useful things than a year before :)
I have make a video about top 10 event that I ever attend in 2013 and I also gonna post some memorable capture that I took from 2013 :)


Got new year's package from my mom 

Floody month! I can't go anywhere, because of heavy rain along this half month and I bought so much ramyun for food stock in my house (no one sold food at that time) just depends with some foods that we had stock before and the ramyun also :')

Try-out month! All 3rd grade students prepared for our final exam,  *miss this moment, lol

Drew by my Geography's teacher when he was guiding Try-out for my class. #besthighschoolmoment

MARCH 2013
Doing a high school yearbook's photoshoot with my classmates (Social Class II)

Took a picture with national futsal athlete.

APRIL 2013
Elementary's reunion..

MAY 2013
My mom's birthday


with my bestiest *syududu

JUNE 2013


Promnite (at Musro, Borobudur Hotel)

already post on : 

Best moment : Win official insta-photo with handsign by joined the event

JULY 2013

*mostly sinked by my jacket-lol
**Freshment Enrichment Program Binusian 2017

SEAWORLD (with Margareta, Merlin & My Sister)

Margareta Vanis's Photoshoot

ID FEST 2013


18TH Birthday (27.09.13)


H&M Red Carpet Grand Opening & Margareta's Birthday






Fellowship & RHDR by PDKK BINUS

Mostly in 2013 I spend a lot with my family and my bestiest-Margareta, we made many beautiful moment in this year, I just want to be thankful for everything that I had passed on 2013. Thanks to everyone who always be with me through our happiness and hard times. Thanks to my 'ANGEL' who accept me as your new friends *keep love our boys! :D and also for all ppl who came and go in my life. Without you guys, my life just a 'monochrome' *lol.
Oh ya! I also make a video about The Most TOP 10 Event that I ever attend in 2013, don't forget to watch and subcribe it :)

Thanks to everyone who always stay to read my blogpost *although I don't know who you are :) Hope to see you guys in real and make a good friendship then. :)