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June 18, 2014


Why I love my childhood?

1. You'll be love
No one will ignore you, everyone will love your cuteness.. *you can see my little picture #lol

Basically, every baby or little kid is pretty cute :3 I remember when everyone say that I'm cute and they want to hug me, but at that time I was just too mothercomplex (too loving my mother too much)
But now, you can see.. ppl will think twice to be friend with you *ppl nowadays are too pilih2 (selective) -..-

2. No need responsibility
When you just a little kid, no one will put some big deal with you because they were know that you would not able to do that alone. You don't need to work hard. You just a kid, just need to play, eat, do shower and sleep. :P

3. You'll be served like a little princess
Everything I need, my parents will give it. They will play with me, take care of me, tell a story or sing a song when I'm going to sleep..
But, when you grow up? Just serve by yourself please! *lol

4. No need to feel broken heart because of a guy
A little kid just play with everyone without think who they are. Play with some fun and freedom. All they think just "I like to play with him because he's fun and we can play many things!" I hug him and he hugs me without thinking that's all love and your parents just think that's cuteness overload! Lol *imagine when you do that when you grow up and see what your parents will do*

5. No more stressing deadline or homework
When I was in kindergarten, I loved to do my homework because all I did just to wrote abc...till z, 123 till 9  and drawing some random views and people like this..
You can compare with your college/university or your adult life now.. More homeworks, more deadline, especially when the date is nearly with your final exam *this fact that happens on my university*

You can see the different how difficult your teenage and adult life now and you going  to miss your childhood (sometimes) *lol

That's all my random post for today, thankyou for reading, LOVE YA! <3

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