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August 03, 2014


"Everyone will have similar stories in her/his life but will never same exactly as the others, because every stories has the unique things in it which make it different.."-Lisa Stefanny

When I was in high school I had one friend that made my life become more meaningful. 
We almost knew about 3-4months but our friendship feels like 5 years *lol
When I was with him, I never think about pain, love or anything which would make me down.
He always there to support me and listen to all my stories..
Actually, he is not the same year as mine, but he's 4 years older than me. Let's put his nickname, he's N.

The first time when we knew each other is when I had a crush and a step brother who's the same class with N. Our first conversation is about my crush and my step brother. When I tell him a story about them, he's so exciting to hear and sometimes he gave me some advice when I asked him.
Well.. some people missunderstood our friendship and thought that we were in a relationship, but actually we didn't. *Sometimes mostly people will think that when 2 person (boy and girl) have a close-relationship, they will said that they're dating* LOL

The unforgetable things that happen in our friendship is we have something that can remember us for each other *everyone has it on their friendship, hehe*
He's birthday is more earlier than mine, so I decided to give him something unique and different, the thing that can be bought buy money but precious. Because at that time I'm a type of person who think that friendship is everything, more important than a dating. (If now, it's different after many things that happen during my life time *lol)
So, I gave him my painting with the quote inside.. In fact, I made the painting about year ago, but N deserve it because he's my trully friend that I ever had at that time :) He gave me a t-shirt on my birthday.. Everyone has it but it's so meaningful to me *when I actually didn't wish that I got something from him, but that was surprise!*

The saddest part is before his graduate from High School he left all his friends including me, without anyone noticed. His little brother still studying there about 3 or 6 months after his left. But never told where his brother was going.. Honestly, miss him so badly :( Until now, I never know where he is.. Hope he read this post. *Yeah, I'm getting speechless now..
Although I have one new bestfriend there, but it never be the same story as we make at that time.. At least, please appear in front of me and tell where do you go for all this time and the reasons that you left without tell anybody else *or only me who never know it? :/ (Become more serious now *gettin' melancolic #LOL)
Phew... Then, that's my story for today..

Thanks to all visitors who read my blogpost today, have a great weekend! 
LOVE YA!! <3

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